Business & Office Equipment


Company Name                           :  PT. AGUSTA TRIASA
Address                                          :  Jl. Pandanaran No. 62
                                                         Semarang  50134
Telephone                                      :  (024)8477333
Facsimile                                        :  (024)8448333
SMS Center                                     :   +6281328447333
Email Address                                :
Estabilished                                    :  1966
Board of Komisaris & Direct.          :  Ms. Lili Agustina Kanggoana  -  Komisaris
                                                          Mr. S. Tjahjana Kanggoana  - President Director
                                                          Mr. Rukmana Kanggoana  - Director
Number of employees                   :  102 Person
Line of Business                               :  Office Equipment
                                                          Hospital Equipment
                                                          Workshop Equipment
                                                          School Equipment
                                                          Telecommunication System
Activities                                         :  Showroom, retail, distributor, & workshop
Company Reg. Number                 :  SIUP No. 517/973-1767/11.01/PK/VI/2012
Business Hours                                 :  Mon – Fri 08.30 – 16.30
                                                          Sat             08.30 – 14.00

PT.Agusta Triasa was established in 1966 as a little shop that was selling typing machine
 then PT. Agusta Triasa grew into retail shop specializing in office equipments.
In 1998 PT. Agusta Triasa moved to a bigger and better location to cope with the higher demand.
PT.Agusta Triasa building become the first biggest showroom for one stop shopping office,hospital, workshop equipment and telecommunication system.
For better service to the customer, PT.Agusta Triasa serves a reliable after service by providing workshop and original spare part and supplies.